Moving company

that makes moving nice and easy

We are a moving company that is specialized in making moving nice and simple. We handle your home or
business move with professionalism from start to finish, both in Finland and abroad.
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Why choose Suomen Muuttofirma?

Professional moving assistance makes the moving smoother. With over 100 movers and more than 25 moving trucks, we can serve both large and small businesses as well as households. We have over 30 years of experience in various types of moves. When you order reliable moving services from Suomen Muuttofirma, you save time and money and protect yourself from unnecessary stress.

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Full-service move or just renting moving boxes?

We can handle the entire move as a turnkey service or assist you according to your wishes. In addition to the move, we can help you with packing, disassembling, protecting, and assembling furniture, recycling, cleaning, and if needed, you can rent affordable storage space from us. If you’re feeling industrious, you can rent or buy moving boxes, packing materials, and other tools for a DIY move.

Käsi oikealle, ohjeet kotimuutto ja yritysmuutto.

What does moving service cost?

Several factors affect the cost of moving services. The price depends on factors such as the amount of items, distance, and required resources, such as the moving truck and movers. The packing method, the length of the carrying distance, and the availability of an elevator also affect the working time. Each move is different. You can easily find out the price by filling out our quote request form.

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The most popular moving days are at the turn of the month. The earlier you are on the move, the more choices you have. Get started by filling in the form below. We will contact you by email usually within 24 hours.